Who We Are

Academic Pathways Cooperative Preschool is located in Livonia, Michigan. We offer a developmentally appropriate mix of academic preparation and play-based learning. Our Preschool is a non-profit organization, and because it is a co-op, it offers affordable tuition and free babysitting swap program for younger siblings of assisting parents.

Mission Statement

To Our Children:

You will be respected
You will be listened to
You have the right to cry if you are hurt or scared
You have the right to ask for a hug or a hand to hold at any time
Your questions will be listened to and answered honestly
You will be safe

We Believe
Mission Statement

What is a Co-op Preschool?

A cooperative preschool is a non-profit organization owned and operated by the parents of the children enrolled. Together, the members shape the direction and policies of the schools with the guidance of a qualified teacher. They share a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of self esteem in a child’s healthy development that recognizes the value of learning through play.

Benefits of Cooperative Preschools

  • Parent involvement with children in a hands on learning environment
  • Parents assist the teacher by working in the classroom on a rotating basis.
  • Sharing special times and memories with your child
  • Being a part of a small business that is run by the members
  • An opportunity to meet other parents of young children
  • Support during the joyous and trying times of child rearing
  • A place to make use of your talents
  • Access to experts on child development at educational conferences

Cooperative preschool teachers are warm, caring people who respect young children and their parents, relate easily to them, and help provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow.

Special days include:

  • Picture Day
  • Field Trips
  • Holiday Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • VIP Day
  • Special Visitors (nurse, dental hygienist, police officer, fireman, etc.)
  • Alphabet Days (4-year class)
  • Color Days (3-year class)

About Our Teacher: Miss Allison

Hi!  And welcome to Academic Pathways Cooperative Preschool!  I am Allison Adams, Miss Allison to the kiddos, and I am so excited to be your child’s preschool teacher.  I have been in the early childhood education field for 16 years and always look forward to what I’m going to teach next.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in early childhood from the University of Michigan-Dearborn in 2010, and have spent the last 9 years continuing to teach children in the metro Detroit area.

I live here in Livonia with my husband and our four children whose ages vary between high school and elementary.  I always say that I’m “going through it all”.  When we’re not at school we are attending our children’s various sporting events, school events, or relaxing at home.  You may often find us riding bikes or playing at the park; we are an active family!

My hopes for the school year are simple: I hope your child has fun, I hope your child grows, I hope your child makes friends, and I hope your child learns to LOVE school.  When I teach I feel like a kid myself and really let loose.  I look forward to working with you, getting to know your children, and getting them on the path for a lifetime of learning.

About Our Teacher: Miss Nancy

Greetings Parents,

Hello, my name is Nancy Szuszman, Miss Nancy. I am very pleased to be here at APCP as teacher aide in the 3 and 4 year program. Each school year I am excited to see the growth and development of the children. I feel so fortunate to be a part of their early education years.

I have lived here in the metro area my entire life. When I am not preparing fun classroom materials I enjoy making various crafts of my own. I also love to occasionally read a good book. My husband, two adult children and I like to spend time at our northern Michigan cottage as much as possible.

I have over 30 years of experience in working with children of all ages. I have an associate degree in child development from Ferris State University and a bachelor degree in elementary education from Central Michigan University. Early in my career I worked at the preschool level. I have also worked as a teacher in the early elementary classroom for many years. Other work experiences included being a caregiver for children ages infant to 4 years and also a director of an after school childcare program for children Kindergarten through eighth grade.

I have a genuine love for young children and have thoroughly enjoyed all my experiences working in childcare and education. I enthusiastically welcome this opportunity to be a part of your child’s early learning experience and look forward to an exciting year at APCP.

Nancy Szuszman