3 Year Class

Enrollment Information

  • Focuses on social and emotional development.
  • Provides an opportunity to separate from parents in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Morning sessions are 9:30 – 11:30 AM.
  • Child must be 3 on or before September 1st.
  • Classes Run from September to May.
  • Open enrollment all year.



Yearly physical examination and up to date immunizations for your child.
If immunizations are not up to date, a waiver must be signed.

The Michigan Department of Human Services requires all early education centers to obtain a signed statement of felony convictions from all parents and others working with children in our preschool. They also require that you have clearance through ICHAT.

*These tuition rates will be effective Fall 2017.

  • Work in the classroom and hold a job
  • $50 Registration Fee
  • $150 Fundraising Fee
  • Work in the classroom or hold a job
  • $50 Registration Fee
  • $150 Fundraising Fee
  • Does not work in the classroom or hold a job
  • $50 Registration Fee
  • $150 Fundraising Fee

A Typical Day in Miss Sally’s Classroom


Greet Students


Opening Circle Time

  • Good morning song
  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Explain days activities


Learning Centers and Free Play
When the children have completed the daily projects, they are given the opportunity for free play and involvement with:

  • Dolls, Dress-Up & Housekeeping
  • Blocks, building, cars & trains
  • Puzzles, books & games
  • Play dough & easel painting
  • Prop box dramatic play centers


Clean Up Time


Bathroom Break and Wash Hands


Snack Time


Closing Circle Time

  • Read a story and review day’s activities


Large Motor Activity
(indoor or outdoor)


Prepare for dismissal


See you next class!!

Our Sick Policy: We love to see your children every day, but if they are sick, please keep them home. The Michigan Department of Health has set guidelines, which we must follow:

Each week, we must report all cases of contagious diseases. We cannot accept a child for care if he/she has recently vomited, or has a fever, diarrhea, or profuse nasal discharge. All are signs of infection and are contagious symptoms. Children sent home with a fever may not return for 24 hours. We will not administer Tylenol or aspirin to treat a fever. This only masks the symptom of illness and contagion. Each day, we disinfect tables and play surfaces several times. We always have the children wash their hands before eating and after toileting, and teach them how to avoid spreading germs. Working parents must stay home when they are ill . Please contact emergency parents to take your place when you are ill.

Babysitting Swap: Academic Pathways offers a babysitting swap program for parents with younger siblings. This program is arranged between the parents that need it and is based solely on parent participation. It is in the classroom next to the preschool rooms.

Potty Training: We DO NOT require your child to be potty trained to get a start on his/her education.